Anime – Five Different Types and Why You Will Enjoy Them

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Anim� is an abbreviation of the word animation, anim� is highly appreciated by Americans, not to mention the country it originated from, Japan. But avoid being fooled by the simplistic art style, a great deal of anim� could be particularly mature. Trust me when I say there are plenty of various kinds of anim�, such as

1. Magical girl. Magical girl usually consists of a teenage girl who has some how gained magical powers, and then has to fight off monsters and anything particularly evil. Magical girl usually revolves around a girl. The love interest is usually emotionless, or just mean, he will as a rule have a tragic past or parents that neglect him, and that in turn is somehow supposed to justify him being a jerk.

2. Shojo. Shojo is normally aimed at girls probably within their teenage years, or a tiny bit below. Shojo is based around romance most of the time, and may have magical elements, aliens, and fantasy settings. It doesn’t really matter where or what time it’s set in, just as long since it light, fluffy, and involves beautiful men. But because it’s Shojo that doesn’t mean it can’t be incredibly funny.

3. Shonen. Shonen is usually targeted at boys between 12 to state about 19 it probably includes a 15 or 16 year old boy as the protagonist, and many beautiful girls with slightly different personalities and looks. Shonen can involve magical powers or more likely a magical object, but not always.

4. Harem and reverse harem. Harem basically means several three or more girls, so obviously harem anim� gives us one boy, probably a complete loser, and three wonderfully anatomically incorrect girls. Boom! Harem anime in a nutshell.

Now there’s reverse harem, it’s the same type of thing really, except the gender roles are reversed. There’s usually one girl who’s probably very dense, not particularly proficient at school work, and not to say perfectly pure. However now and again we might get yourself a slightly different female protagonist, such as a tomboy or just a girl who isn’t as dense as a brick. The most known reverse harem animes are, ‘The Wallflower’, and ‘Ouran High School Host Club’. The Wallflower is approximately a girl who doesn’t really care about her appearance and is set to stay the same while three guys try to make her in to the perfect lady. And then there’s Ouran High School Host Club. This anim� is approximately a tomboy called Haruhi, she is mistaken for a boy by the six members of the host club that reside in the institution, she breaks a vase and contains to settle them by becoming a host herself. It’s much better than it sounds and is incredibly funny. Normally reverse harem could be counted as Shojo.

5. Mecha. Mecha anime isn’t always for boys, as some girls like giant robots fighting too. The nice things about mecha are that it could be your preferred comedy series but with random giant robot battles thrown in the mix.

Some of these could be counted as demographics rather than genres, however in my mind it’s necessary to know those in addition to genres, but never the less all of them are types of anim�. As มังงะ can plainly see drawings and cartoons should not continually be considered childish, and most certainly aren’t by any anim� fan.

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